Picasso Blue Guitar Collage

Year 2 | 2 Sessions

What You’ll Need:

Picasso Presentation
Picasso Colouring Printable
Blue Paper A3
White Paper A2
Scraps of different kinds of blue/ish paper
Glue Sticks
Black Marker

I introduced the work of Pablo Picasso to my Year 1 & 2 students with a short story-like presentation that you can download here. They seemed to love his colourful periods and thought his work was weird and wacky. Just the way I like it. Picasso is one of my favourite artists purely for the fact that he tried making art in all types of mediums. Again, the way I like it too. It goes without saying that his influence on the art world should still be recognised by the child artists of the world. So after my students spent time learning about Matisse, they learned about Picasso.


We began creating our own version of his famous Guitar, by creating poster sized collage art that featured a big blue guitar inspired by his work in the Blue Period. I got the project idea from this image here.

Note : Your project does not have to be as large as ours. I just wanted to make this anBlueGuitarist exercise in working large scale, as little kids tend work itty bitty teeny weeny when it comes to any drawing or cutting. (It’s funny how they always seem to write their names in massive letters though…)

With blue paper they cut out the base of the guitar using a template I made for them. They drew along the outer edges of a ruler to cut out the neck of the guitar.

They then glued the two guitar components to the larger white paper. The kids automatically took it upon themselves to draw the thread board and the mouth of the guitar in black pen.

After their guitar was in place, they could then go ahead and start gluing down other shapes and scraps from a variety of blue paper.

That’s it!


Please Note: Somehow my computer has eaten all the actual project images from this lesson, (UGGH) which means I’ll have to retake them once school resumes. Please be patient as I’ll update this post in a few days.

Feeding Stick Figures - Picasso CBN Colour Theory


Once their projects were complete, they sat and watched When Pigasso Met Mootisse. Some of my students already watched this in our Matisse lesson, but they loved it so I let them watch it again.

After they watched the video, if they had a bit of extra time I gave them one of my illustrated Picasso Colour By Numbers colouring sheets. It also helps them remember their colour families. I can’t believe how much they love these things.

You can find all my other art activity sheets and resources from my Shop.

Have you tried this project, or downloaded any of my resources? Leave a comment below!



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