Warhol Soup Can Art

Year 6 | 2 sessions

What You’ll Need

Warhol Presentation
Warhol Colour by Numbers
Campbell’s Soup Can Printable
A4 White Paper
Colouring Material of your choice (crayons, paint, etc)

This month my students were learning all about the Pop Art of Andy Warhol. Each year group made their own version of work inspired by Warhol.

Year 6 worked together to created a wall mural inspired by his famous Campbell’s Soup Can. This lesson idea came from here, and it worked out almost perfectly. I say almost because one student created hers the wrong way! Despite repeating instructions over 10 times, there’s always a few that need to ignore them completely.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 13.11.06.png

I began the lesson with an introduction to the work of Andy Warhol with a presentation which you can download here. We discussed Warhol’s work and the meaning of Pop Art. Then we began the mural!

For our mural, I first drew this soup can and coloured it in with crayons. I then drew a grid over it and cut it up into little sections. Each section was marked with a grid code. Rows were labelled alphabetically and the columns were numbered.

Each student received a coded section and a piece of A4 paper. The students recreated their little grid section onto the A4.

Then as a class we put it all together!


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 13.08.25.png


For some after project fun I showed them this awesome cartoon episode on Youtube. This is a great series that all my primary school students can watch and enjoy. Then I gave them this Warhol colour by numbers sheet which they all couldn’t wait to do.

You can find all my other art activity sheets and resources from my Shop.

Have you tried this mural, or downloaded any of my resources? Leave a comment below!


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