FREE Printable Resources

Hi again,

Here I present to you, a growing list of resources that I have created and drawn myself from own brain. Use these to inspire creativity in your own students in class or children at home. My students absolutely love these things and I’m not just saying that. I find that they work hard to finish their work so they can get some free time to do an Imagination Workout or a Monster Maker just to name a few. They know that I don’t accept rushed unfinished work because I’ll just send them back to complete their project properly.

Although, when they do good work and finish before class is over they have fun with my resources. (And I love it because it makes clean up a breeze!)

These are also perfect for days when you’re not even in and your substitute could use some time fillers and games. You can download lots of free and premium resources via the link below. Enjoy!




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