Valentines Art

We got really busy last week before had term, so sorry I didn’t post this last Friday!
It’s valentines today! And here is some of the great art we were busy making in preparation for this love filled day.

Pop-Up Cards

You’ll Need:
Pens and Pencils
Card stock
Red and Pink Paper

Fold the card stock in half and snip two short horizontal lines an inch-ish apart (about the width of the ruler)
Fold the cuts you’ve made. For the lips, you’ll want to make a little triangle fold. For the Heart you’ll fmake a vertical fold – like you’re forming a square. Open the card and push the folds through towards you, to pop out. Colour and decorate!

All the kids were totally successful with this, Although 2 students cut on the open part of the card not the folded! Oops.

Love Bug Cards


You’ll Need:
Card stock
Red and Pink Paper
Glue Sticks

Cut out paper hearts and arrange them on the front of the card like a heart-shaped caterpillar. Super cute. I actually pre-cut all the hearts for this one. It was just way faster, and the little ones really know how to waste paper. I wanted them to focus on having fun making the card rather than feeling the frustration of not making a proper looking heart.

Penguin Pictures

You’ll need:
Black paper
Brown paper
Orange paper
Pink Paper
White Paper
Googley eyes
White card stock
Pillow fluff (Optional)

This picture is made up mostly of heart shaped pieces with the exception of the body. It’s so simple, just cut heart shapes and arrange all your pieces to make a penguin. I used oval templates for them to draw the body. They all became experts on how to fold and cut symmetrical shapes after this!

Beating Hearts

You’ll need:
Pencils & Pens
Pencil crayons

Draw this step by step. And USE A RULER! Start with a big heart, draw vertical lines, then horizontal lines, making sure not to draw those on the inside of the heart. Now, draw curves lines inside the heart that match up to both your horizontal and vertical lines. I described this like a person going over the hill to the other side – he needs to follow the path he was on.

So many of my student struggled with this! I was surprised at how poor their ruler skills were and how they could not grasp the curved line part. They all got it when I worked one on one, they could show me what to do, but on their own it was kind of a flop. when is a shame because this project can look super cool.

Foil Reliefs

You’ll Need:
Tin Foil
Glue Sticks
Felt Squares (Optional)
Spray adhesive (Optional)

Cut your cardboard to the preferred size. We did half A4. Glue all over the cardboard and lay out your design in yarn. Grab some tin foil that is a bit bigger than the size of your cardboard, and glue ALL over the tin foil. Be careful not to rip the foil. (This is where spray adhesive can come in handy). Gently place the gluey foil over the yarn design and press down. Use your fingers or felt squares to burnished the foil and bring out the design that lays underneath. Colour and decorate with sharpie! My kids absolutely loved loved this one! Most of them ended up making two designs!

Roses and Leaves

You’ll Need:
Black Felt Tips
Tissue Paper (Reds and Greens)

Such a beautiful and easy piece to make. Draw some roses and some leaves in pencil. For this we did the circle rose technique which can be tricky to get the hang of but once they did I saw roses drawn everywhere! After you’ve penciled in the design, draw over it in black pen. Colour in the background. Last cut out tissue paper pieces to stick over the roses and leaves. They look so beautiful! My students really took this and ran with it, they all looked really successful. Super proud of them,


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