Seasons Change Drawing Project

Age: 6-7 yrs | Year 2 | Primary 
2.5 class sessions

I talked about the weather with my Year 2 class. We discussed how many changes are in one year, and what characteristics each season has. And how the seasons make us feel. They pointed out that a lot of changes happen to trees. That brought us to the meanings of the circle of life, and the tree of life.

Then we decided to draw it.

Tree Drawings - seasons change art lesson

What You’ll Need:
Black Felt tips for outlining (optional)

I first showed them how to draw a tree with only branches. Then we practiced using a ruler to separate the page into 4 quarters, before drawing what we notice happens to the weather in each season. We drew things like having fun in the summer time, climbing trees, flowers blooming, snow on the branches, icicles, santa, leaves falling off branches and halloween.

Both my Year 2 classes showed some difficulty drawing a bare tree and its branches, and others couldn’t remember which areas to draw in ended up drawing clouds and things inside the tree branches positive space instead of outside in the atmospheres negative space.

I wanted this to be a project for them to stretch their colouring abilities and colour the whole page leaving nothing white except for any snow. I also gave them 12 “x 14” paper. I’m always encouraging and reminding my young students to fill up the page! When it comes to colouring they always draw that thin blue line at the top as the sky and a thin green line at the bottom for the grass. Use the entire paper – paper is to be used!

If they finished with extra time before clean up I gave them a Copy Cat Drawing Practice. They love these, and they always work harder to finish their project to get one of these activity sheets. They know I’ll send them back if they come to me with unfinished or scribbled work.

Have you tried this lesson? Leave a comment!



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