DIY Puzzle

Create A Larger Than Life Puzzle!

Age: 7 yrs + | Year 3+ | Primary 
2.5 class sessions

So this one time, I got my students to design and draw their own puzzle complete with it’s own puzzle box showing the final image.

This was a fun one. The kids really had a good time making these, after I got them to try putting together eachother’s puzzles.

Step One: Draw a Picture.

I gave them all A3 white card stock. We focussed on landscape images on this one as it was a follow up activity from learning about landscapes. Crayons work best. Remember to cover the entire page!  (below is actually from the landscape lesson we did combining Zentangle art, but the idea is the exact same)


Step Two: Section off your page.

Your puzzle does not have to have ‘real puzzle shapes’ most kids found this difficult anyway, so we just make squiggly, swirly lines vertically and horizontally – about  3 or 4 across and 5 or 6 down.  We used a sharpie for this part.




Step Three : Make your Box.

Using a flat box template that I found here. I made some adjustments and created my own and drew the template on card stock. Draw your picture on the puzzle box lid. Some kids got creative and put a title and age grouping  and some catchy “Fun for the whole Family” type slogans. Gotta love these kids.

Step Four: Cut it out.

Snip along the lines of your puzzle and make sure your cutting is as accurate as you can make it. This is where the some kids struggled as they are still refining their fine motor skills.


Step Five: Try it out!

Now the puzzle is complete, have fun putting together!




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