Cute Christmas Cards Your Kids Can Make In Under an Hour

Age: 6-8 yrs | Year 2-3 | Primary 
1 class sessions

Christmas is coming and I equipped my students with these simple little cards that are definitely going to be a cherished keepsake. I made these with Year 1,2,3 and 4

How To Make Christmas Tree Cards


What You’ll Need:
A4 Colour Card Stock
A4 Green paper
Sequins and things
Glue sticks
A Pen

  1. Cut a bunch of triangles from green paper.
  2. Accordion fold the triangle horizontally.
  3. Fold card stock in half. Whatever Christmassy colour you want
  4. Glue the top and the bottom of the tree to the front of the card
  5. Decorate your tree!
  6. Write inside

Things to consider:

  • Allow a bit of variety by giving the option of a few different colours of card stock
  • Some kids could not grasp the accordion fold concept. I demonstrated this showing how to fold away from you, flip the paper over, fold away from you, flip. Fold, flip, fold, flip and so on
  • Make sure your kids are gluing their tree to the right side of the card. I got a handful of backwards cards!
  • I hate sequins and glitter. My students already know this. The stuff gets everywhere! But I couldn’t deprive them of it’s magical effect this Christmas while crafting. So I gave them all the sequins. BUT, the rule was each table had to use up every single sequin before they could receive anymore to use.

How To Make Snowman Christmas Cards

What You’ll Need:
A4 Colour Card Stock
3 White Circles – From This template
Orange Paper
Black Paper
Cotton Wool
Glue Sticks
A Pen

  1. Cut 3 white circles from the template
  2. Fold card stock in half
  3. Glue the 3 circles stacked in a line onto the front of the card
  4. Add cotton wool to embellish your snowman
  5. Cut a hat and 3 round buttons from the black paper
  6. Cut tiny triangle for the nose from the orange paper
  7. Arrange your snowman pieces on the front of your card and glue them down
  8. Write inside

Things to consider: 

  • Glue the paper before your stick the cotton down. I caught a lot of kids putting the cotton to the glue stick!
  • Again, make sure your kids are gluing their snowmen to the front side of the card.


If you liked this post be sure to check back to find more Christmas cheer I’ve been spreading in my classrooms! Christmas is soon approaching, how ready are you? Not quite? Well then you should definitely start with these cards.




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