Remember Your Thank You’s

Remembrance Day Red Poppies

The whole school took part in a Red Poppy Remembrance Day display. It was beautiful to see all these uniquely decorated poppies lining the halls of the school.
Each student was handed a paper poppy flower outline and they were to decorate it using red materials. It turned out wonderfully.

Photo 08-11-2016, 8 41 43 am.jpg

All Year Groups | Bit less than 1 Session


What You’ll Need:
Paper Poppy Printable
Glue sticks
Red stuff – red paint, red paper, red glitter, red tissue… you get the idea

Photo 08-11-2016, 8 41 55 am.jpg

I asked my students what Remembrance Day was for, and one little girl said “It’s to remember to the people that stood up for us back in the olden days.” This comment lingered with me for the rest of the day, as I pictured all my guardians, saviours and angels disguised as friends, family, and even complete strangers. Anyone who had ever stepped out of their own pathway to protect my own… even for a brief moment. I love moments when I can feel tremendously, genuinely thankful for something. All those close calls that may have changed the course of my life forever. How does one repay that sort of debt? Just say “Thanks”?  I really don’t know the full answer, but I’m sure it can’t hurt to start with a “Thanks”.

I always try to remind my students of their manners when I hand them something good to receive “Magic word?” I say, before they quip back with a “thank you!” Speaking of which, here’s what they did:

Red Poppies Collage

When they got their poppy print out, they were to simply decorate it using red materials.
I split some classes to do collaged poppies while I let others do painted ones, and I pushed it a step further and let some classes use glitter.

I have a love hate relationship with glitter, it’s so lovely, light and who doesn’t love a little sparkle in their life? But really that mess gets EVERY-FRICKEN-WHERE. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find individual specks of glitter in random places for many days after. The end of a sock, bottom of your handbag, your forehead – everything is at risk of getting glitter specked. Maybe that’s why they basically make Christmas a perma-glitter season. To embrace the sparkle that is inevitably unavoidable.



To all of those people doing awesome selfless things as part of your day, you are acknowledged for your true bravery, compassion and stubborn connection with your intuition. We need more of you to have any semblance of hope for our future generations.

Why not exercise a Random Act of Kindness today? Why not every day? Your world will thank you for it.



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