Draw Your Own Cartoon Faces

PART TWO – Drawing Expressive Cartoon Faces

What You’ll Need:
Colour Pencils / Markers / Crayons / whatever you want to colour with
Ms. Little’s Cartoon Character Activity Sheet


Following our previous lesson on How To Draw Cartoon People in Movement, this week was about learning how to draw a cartoon face.

I got the kids to compile the features from this guide sheet (free  download available below) to create a unique cartoon character. They had a whole lot of fun with this one and they got on with it for the entire lesson.

Printable Activity Sheet Download

cartoon copy.jpg

First they draw a head shape, then add ears. Next they draw a hairstyle, before adding facial features.


In their sketch books they were to draw 8 -10 different faces. After that, they could either colour them in, or create a body for it (using last weeks body drawing guide) and create a full character.

I told them to consider the expression on the characters face, what type of body might they have? What clothes would they be wearing?

After they decided that, they could then go ahead and create a background for their drawings and give their character a setting.

A great illustration/comic exercise that they really got stuck into! Every class that I gave this activity sheet too, said it really helped them create good looking cartoon characters. They requested that I make this type of activity sheet for other characters too, and I was baffled, yet excited that they even wanted this for homework! Whaaat!

Alternatively, you could get them to draw a cartoon self-portrait, a family portrait or cartoons of their classmates/friends!

Try this Comic Drawing reference sheet for additional inspiration when creating a cartoon portrait.




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