30 Facial Expressions – Part 2

Mixed Media Self Portraits


Year 3 | Mixed Media | 3 Class Sessions

What You’ll Need:
A5 White Paper or Card Stock
Crayola Multi-cultural Crayons
Pastels or Crayons
Tissue Paper – Yellow, orange, red, brown, black
Black Sharpies (optional)

Following last weeks crazy class shenanigans in Part One, my little guys finished their awesome self portraits. Luckily this week was pretty mild. Noone farted, or peed their pants, and there were only a few tears – as to be expected.

So my Year 3’s got on with the background. We used water colour paint to decorate the backgrounds, some created scenery, and some just made theirs abstract. Nonetheless, they turned out great. Now a word of caution, some of my Year 1’s didn’t really follow the “only paint the background” instruction, and some just went to town painting all over the place. It is alright after all, it’s their own expression. But the Year 3’s did a great job.

Once the paint was dry, we added the hair. Last week, I asked the kids to tell me what they thought the hair would be made of the following week. They thought it was going to be yarn or wool. So did I! Luckily I didn’t give anything away, because this week when I went in search of some knitting yarn I was out of luck! My school didn’t have any yellow, orange, brown or black yarn in full supply and definitely not enough for 4 classes worth. Maybe poor planning on my part, but I saw a tub of yarn and figured all would be alright, and I wasn’t about to order bucket loads of yarn for this project. So I scrapped that idea fast and came up with tissue paper! (Minor bonus snag- I didn’t have brown tissue paper, so we used brown gummed paper)

It worked out wayyy better anyway, and I had plenty to work with. Too much in fact. The kids did really really well coming up with different textures and hairstyles. I was fully impressed. Some even ‘blended’ hair colours!

Photo 02-11-2016, 8 48 44 am.jpg

This project was a definite success. If I were to do it again, I might not do it with the 5 year olds (Year 1)… even though some turned out well, they tend to rush through everything and that felt like a bit of a waste of my materials… not sure how to remedy that for this particular project. Also, I would get the older kids to outline their portraits with a black sharpie to make their details pop.


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