What Is Your True Calling?

Plus 5 Things You Can Do While Your Call Is On Hold


The other day I was taking a casual stroll (dragging my sore feet after a long day of teaching) through my busy neighbourhood in East London. I couldn’t help but notice all the people bustling around, buying, shopping, working, selling, talking, running, waiting… all of it. I thought about them all. I thought, ‘People are so weird. Why are they doing what they’re doing?’ which led me to think ‘Why am I doing what I’m doing???’

By the time I got home I was questioning my entire existence on the planet and had one of those ‘I’m a tiny spec of dust in the grand scheme of everything, what’s the point of life?’ moments. Not in a morbid way, but a genuine questioning of why am I the way I am? Why do I like the things I like? What am I supposed to do with that information?  I may have second guessed my path as a teacher, but I never once doubted my path in the arts.

I have always had a deep connection with creating things from other things. I love beautiful imagery and sound and have always felt this way. Don’t get me wrong I had many screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-11-33-58‘options’ growing up. I used to line up my teddies and dolls and write a list of my classmates names to call out the register (attendance) as if I was the teacher. I would show them how to make whatever Neil Buchanan made in his latest episode of Art Attack! Surprisingly I never thought about teaching seriously until my gap year after high school. But when I was 5, I wanted to be a ballerina. That was until ballet turned into hip hop and I wanted to become a back up dancer. I danced until my second year in University when I realized the magnitude of competition and harsh judgment that came with the dancer life. I later surrendered that dream to Saturday nights at my favourite nightclub where I could transform those awkward people standing at the back shyly bobbing their heads with a drink in their hand, into dance circle contributors or active spectators. Aside from dance, art has also travelled in my soul ever since I can remember. I was always drawing or making something during or after school. I would come home and say either “Mum I want to make something” or “Mum can I show you my dance?” Now that I don’t dance so much anymore, a part of me does feel like that dusty candle on the shelf that never gets lit, but it’s faint scent wafts into your nose as you walk by every now then. But art? Art to me is like the fireplace that literally heats up the house of my soul. I can survive without it, but it is undeniably miserable.

Sometimes the buzz of real life gets in the way and can completely block our gravitational pull to whats truly innate for us. You and your passion are in a beautiful conversation together that can literally last the test of time. When we live our passion great things occur, things that can quite possibly change the world. Just ask Michaelangelo or Nikola Tesla. It’s essential to continue our, shall we call ‘passionate conversation’. But as we know by living in a technological world, things can go annoyingly wrong at stupid times. Calls get interrupted, bad connections, or just gets dropped all together. But the obvious thing to do is hang up the phone… and try again.


5 things I’ve learned from being a multi-passionate artist: 

  1. You should just do the things you like to do. Even if they are completely different things.
  2. Not every hobby needs to turn into a business or career
  3. Do something from your ‘Favourite Things’ list at least everyday. You already know off by heart what this list is for you.  (Admittedly I should wear more yellow things and Forerro Roche chocolates are not around me enough)
  4. Try really hard to stay positive. Everyone has their crap. Everyone has their ‘my life is doo doo’ time frames. Trust me I have had quite a few! Sometimes I do need reminding that it’s life, I’m living! And there are infinite things to be thankful for.
  5. Creating anything by yourself, with or for other people is a true talent and majorly heavy gift. Use it.

I’m currently living a life in progress. It’s…. loading. I am not yet livin’ the dream, but I’m slowly but surely working my way there. I can say that I am on the right track, I know because I feel it. But I can’t say it’s a clear track and so far it’s been really fricken bumpy.

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-11-42-23I’m not sure if I really have a ‘true calling’, like a real pin-pointed destination of fulfilment. Is that what a true calling is? One single thing you must be or be doing to fulfil your true destiny as a valuable human on the earth? I don’t know, to be honest I have more questions then answers. But what I do know and have always known, is I need to live a creative, happy life. I love many things, and I enjoy doing them all. In the past I used to think it was a negative thing to be passionate about such a variety because it meant I couldn’t label myself as one thing. I wasn’t just a Painter or a Dancer or a Jewellery Maker or a whatever. My art school peers and professors always commented that I “have so many styles”. It seemed to have this underlying negative connotation to it. I’m only now realizing that I absolutely, positively, undeniably do not need a label. I live for making things. It gives me the greatest pleasure to make something out of nothing with my bare hands and pure creativity no matter the material. Simple, yet complexing.

Have you found your ‘true calling’? Do you even know what that means for you? Is your Life Passion phone line working? Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on my 101 questions!




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