Quick Art Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Art projects you can definitely do in under an hour!

Perfect for when you just need your kids to occupy themselves for a few more minutes while you finish cleaning the house or replying to that email. What about when it’s the end of the school year and you don’t want your students to start something new? Or how about that after school art club where you only have an hour to get the kids a finished piece to take home. Whatever the reason, I’ve got you covered!
Updated Weekly.

These are all the projects I’ve done with my Year 2 Art Club (with 10 kids)


Corner Bookmarks


Fold the paper inwards to make the bookmark pocket. Then add that extra details like eyes, nose, mouth out of other pieces of paper. The kids made all sorts of animal or monster bookmarks. We used this video to show us how to fold the paper.

You’ll Need:
Coloured Paper
Pencil Crayons
Glue Stick
Pipe Cleaners & Yarn (Optional)


Penguin Pictures


This picture is made up mostly of heart shaped pieces with the exception of the body. It’s so simple, just cut heart shapes and arrange all your pieces to make a penguin. I used oval templates for them to draw the body. They all became experts on how to fold and cut symmetrical shapes after this!

You’ll need:
Black paper
Brown paper
Orange paper
Pink Paper
White Paper
Googley eyes
White card stock
Pillow fluff (Optional)

Cloud Lantern

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 23.08.02.png

I always love how well these turn out. Because like every cloud, they are all different and the results are ever changing. Try this with anyone over 8 and you’ll be in for a really great lesson. Pull apart the cotton to make it light and fluffy and hot glue the cotton to the expanded paper lantern. Keeping in mind the infinite and loose shapes that can be created by clouds. Cover the whole thing – No bald spots! Create rainbows, lightening bolts, rain drops, or hot air balloons, airplanes, birds, basically anything you might see in the sky from construction paper and foil. Using invisible thread or white string to attach to the lantern. Create a loop of yarn to hang the cloud and turn on the LED lights and put them inside the paper lantern. You can also hot glue the LED lights in place (optional)

What You’ll Need:
Cotton batting/ loose cotton
Small or medium paper lanterns
White string/yarn
Invisible thread (optional)
Small craft LED lights
Construction paper – assorted colours
Masking tape
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Glue sticks

Pop-Up Umbrella Cards

Photo 22-11-2016, 6 17 34 pm.jpg

The kids got really creative with this one. Well they’re creative with anything really. For this, they folded a piece of card stock in half to make the card. Accordion-fold a colourful piece of A4 paper (portrait, not landscape) to make the umbrella. My Year 2’s had a bit of trouble making their accordion folds neat enough, so they needed some help with that part. Fold the accordion-folded piece in half and glue the center together before gluing it to the center of your card. You can draw pictures of people holding the umbrella. I got the kids to draw their picture first before gluing the umbrella into the card. Since it’s coming up to christmas, we made our pictures christmas themed and added glitter and snowflake sequins.

What You’ll Need:
A4 colour paper
Colour pens & pencils
Glue stick

Flying Butterflies

Photo 10-11-2016, 4 14 04 pm.jpg

These guys are so clever when it comes to design. I just told them the project idea, without an example and they got on with it beautifully. They made these by cutting out a butterfly using a card stock template, decorating it with crafty bits and bobs before hot gluing a skewer stick down the center (I did the hot gluing parts). Despite having some troubles cutting the tissue paper, they turned out wonderfully.

What You’ll Need:
A4 Cardstock Butterfly Template
A4 Colour paper
Tissue Paper
Crafty bits n’ bobs like sequins, pompoms, pipe cleaners, googley eyes etc
Wood stick skewers / Card Straws
Glue Sticks
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Felt Owls


Year 2 just had a ‘Birds of Prey’ visit where they got to see, pet and hold real owls. So I decided to make this weeks Art Club about owls. They each get a square piece of felt and position it like a ‘diamond’. Fold the left corner, then the right, making it a bit narrower at the top, then fold the top corner down. I cut ten little orange felt triangles for the beaks, and they cut out black and white circles for the eyes. I had to do all the hot gluing, but it took me about 15 minutes to glue them all (I only have 10 kids in after school club). I applied the glue, they applied the pieces. They basically stood in a gluing queue, so I could help each child. After that I sent them on their way to find and glue some feathers.(Glue sticks worked fine for doing the feathers. Surprisingly!)

What You’ll Need:
Colour felt cut into a square
White card stock
Black card stock
Hot glue guns and sticks
Glue sticks (optional)

Halloween Pumpkins

Photo 20-10-2016, 4 09 14 pm.jpg
A Halloween hit! You’ll need Black, White, Green, and Orange paper. Cut out an rounded shape for the pumpkin, leaf shape for the…well leaf and stem part. A strip of green to create the effect of grass. A big mouth and a pair of eyes from the black paper, and little white rectangles or triangles for the teeth! We used a pencil to create the pumpkin lines and some drew spiders and creepy stuff in the black background. Some kids even used the white paper to create stars and a moon, I just love their creativity!

What You’ll Need:
A4 Black Paper
Coloured Paper – Green, Orange, White
Glue Sticks

Scene Spinners

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 10.16.22.png

An Art Club favourite. Fold white A4 paper into 4 quarters and cut a 4 inch circle from card stock. Draw scenery or landscape on one quadrant of the paper and draw the rotating elements on one face of the circle. For instance, the scenery could be a night garden and the rotating piece could be the stars above.

What You’ll Need:
Half sheet A4 White Card Stock or Quarter Folded A4 White paper
Crayons/Markers/Colour Pencil
Split Pins
4″ or 5″ card stock circle

Paper Flower Crowns

Photo 22-11-2016, 5 52 16 pm.jpg

Honestly I’d make flower crowns any time of year if I could, which is why the version is so great! I let my Art Club choose between making flower crowns or king/queen crowns. The process is basically the same. Draw, colour and cut your flower arrangement (or crown jewels) before adding bits and bobs like tissue paper, paper leaves, pom poms, glitter, feathers etc. Glue or staple the crown piece to a strip of card stock, and secure the back with a staple. They all walked home as if they were royalty, it was awesome!

What You’ll Need:
White Card stock
16″ x 1.5″ (approx) coloured card stock
Colour Pens & Pencils
Crafty bits & bobs
Glue sticks

Pass The Picture

Each person gets a piece of paper and a sharpie (or black marker). They write their name in the corner of the page. Each person draws a large-ish shape, this is their personal shape they will draw each time. You can get them to choose these beforehand. When the teacher says “Pass” they pass the paper to the person on the right, and draws their shape again. Keep passing and drawing faster and faster until they get the paper with their name. Then they can fill in the page and shapes with various colours and patterns.
This game is for 8 and up I tried it with 6 year olds yesterday and the concept was completely lost with lots of traffic jams, scribbles and “I don’t like miiiinnnne!”

What You’ll Need:
Large white paper
Markers or Crayons

 Felt Mobiles

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 10.41.07.png

Cut 2 of the same shapes from felt. We used hearts, butterflies, circles, whatever really. Then ‘sandwich’ a long piece of yarn in the middle of the identical shapes and secure everything with glue. Glue sticks or glue guns work best.

What You’ll Need:
Colour felt
Colour Yarn
Glue sticks or Glue Guns

Music Paintings


Simply paint lines to match the rhythm and feelings evoked by different kinds of music.
I used 4 sheets of different colour paper and titled each one with a different genre. I gave them one sheet and explained something about different ways we might represent different feelings. eg. wavey lines might feel slow and lazy, zigzags might be upbeat and energized, dots might represent drums etc. I encouraged them to pick out the different sounds within the song and paint them.
I loved watching their reactions to different songs and seeing them dance and paint!

What You’ll Need:
A5 Paper (Colours are optional)
Paint & Brushes
Some gooood music

Blind Contour Line Portraits

Draw what you see. But the catch is, you can’t look at your paper and your entire drawing must be made with one line. Colouring is optional. This works best with older kids about 11 and up. (Please Note: this project was not something I did with my year 2 art club as stated above)

What You’ll Need:
Colouring Pens or Pencils
Paint or Pastels (Optional)



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