Pop Art Contour Line Drawings

Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 11.20.25.png
Andy Warhol Contour Line Drawings

This artist is 9 yrs old, Year/Grade4 | Two 45 min classes

What You’ll Need:
A4 White Paper
A2 White Paper
Oil Pastels
Watercolour Paint
Glue Sticks
Hand Mirrors

I showed them Andy Warhol’s work and then got them a mirror to draw themselves in one line without looking at their paper. Then I made 4 copies for the following class so they could colour their portraits with crayon or oil pastel and then with a watercolour wash for the background. To finish they glued all four images together on large format paper. Some completed theirs with a border. Great way to include a colour theory lesson or review, which we did here.

This project is ideal for kids 9 and over, I’ve tried this project with younger kids and it was kind of a mess.




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